3 rules for fat burning should know every woman

3 rules for fat burning should know every woman

Three rules for fat burning should be known to every woman. Meanwhile, while various fads about fat burning come and go, there are several rules and principles that research shows can really help you and which every woman should know in order to achieve her goals. Drop all sorts of tricks, tricks and follow these tips to succeed in fat loss!

Burning fat can be difficult, especially for women. As Bill Campbell, a researcher, professor and consultant in physical form, says: “The biggest mistake I see is that women come across grimaces in the small details of diet and exercise, and as a result they do not see the whole picture.” When they lose sight of the proven scientific principles of turning fat into muscles, their efforts fail, resulting in women who are often pissed off because of a sense of their powerlessness and are disappointed in their goals.

I encourage everyone who reads this to step back from the microscopic emphasis on specific foods, ingredients, training programs and supplements. Make sure that you follow a strategy that is scientifically based to work to improve your physical condition.





The strategy of fat burning should be based on these three rules:

  • Slow down the fat slowly (burn fat gradually).
  • You can not reduce protein intake during a diet.
  • Do strength exercises (training with weights, training with resistance) with a diet.

When trying to lose weight (lose weight), it is important to concentrate as much on maintaining pure lean body mass, how much you allocate attention and forces you do to lose fat. Use this as guidelines, as soon as you begin to improve your physique.


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Do you want to have an attractive figure?



This is the most difficult principle for people to be adhered to; in the end, everyone wants, the results for yesterday! Coming to the process of fat burning with thoughts like “I want to lose 5 kilograms next Thursday” or “I need to train 3 hours a day to lose fat quickly” only leads you to a failure in fat loss.

I will not lie to you; if you drastically reduce your calorie intake, you will lose fat, but this approach can entail costs. In particular, with rapid weight loss, which is achieved as a result of a sharp restriction of calories, you burn (lose) not only fat, but also the muscles over which you worked so hard to gain this very lean component (dry muscle mass).

Strict limiting calories can lead to a chronically slow metabolism, which will be very difficult to break. This is what we want to avoid at any cost – this is the loss of muscle mass and a violation of metabolism.

Manual: Despite the fact that the rate of weight loss (fat loss) for everyone will be slightly different, the goal is to lose 1% of their weight per week. For example, for a 70-kilogram woman should lose 0.5-0.75 kilograms per week. Any value that is greater than this can threaten your muscle mass.


Do you need to cut calories when trying to lose fat? Yes, but one of the macronutrients, the consumption of which you should never reduce, is protein (protein). In fact, in his consulting work, Bill Campbell increases his protein intake and intake in the fat burning phase. Some of them even gain muscle as a result!

Increased protein intake has been shown to lead to better support of muscle mass when losing weight in both cases, both for overweight and for sports. In each of the four studies, a group of people whose protein intake was 20-100% higher had experienced significant improvements in body composition (external data) compared to groups that consumed less dietary protein.

Manual: Daily (daily rate), the goal is about 2-2.5 grams of high-quality protein per kilogram of body weight. For a 60-62-kilogram woman / girl, daily intake (intake) is about 125 grams of protein.


The final rule is probably the simplest for you if training with weights is already a defining characteristic of your lifestyle. When a low-fat diet (low calorie diet) is used to stimulate fat loss, the body’s response is to strive for stability and a relatively permanent way of existence by reducing muscle mass, reducing your body’s metabolism, and reducing the maximum strength.


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Exercises for girls to burn fat


The inclusion of a suitable training program with weights will compensate each of the negative consequences that are caused by a dietary restriction. It is important to make sure that you are doing the right strength exercises. Doing solely exercises with the use of a large number of repetitions during the fat drop phase is typical for women, but this is a mistake.


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Guidance: follow a periodical (cyclical) weight training program with weights, which emphasizes strength and hypertrophy. (Do not put in the priority of training with a lot of repetition and training for endurance). Be sure to choose at least one exercise for each of the major muscle groups (each target muscle) and that you perform 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps.

If you follow each of the listed rules for fat burning – the desired level of fat loss can be achieved without radical measures. Stop listening to horror stories about preparing for competitions and diet. You can certainly save muscle mass and not damage the metabolism during a diet, as long as you continue to do it in the right way (by the right method).

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