6 principles of healthy nutrition for weight loss

6 principles of healthy nutrition for weight loss

The right healthy nutrition to reduce body weight is the fundamental, key moment in achieving a beautiful figure, which is based on the principles of healthy and proper nutrition.

Reducing or gaining weight, drying muscles before the competition by taking various diets is used in many sports to achieve the set goals, for example, bodybuilders – dry the muscles, to detail the muscles, boxers, karate, powerlifters adjust the weight by reducing or increasing the body weight. In order to fall into the right category, ordinary people who do not exercise, it is also important to keep your weight in order to avoid various health problems that may arise due to the lack of exercise, for increasing obesity.




6 principles of healthy nutrition for weight loss

We list the basic principles of proper nutrition, which will help you reduce body weight. Stick to them regularly, and then, the lost pounds of fat, you will not return again.


healthy nutrition
Proper nutrition is a guarantee of health and a beautiful figure


Cut carbohydrates

Reduce caloric intake by gradually reducing carbohydrates. Excess carbohydrates turn into fats, so avoid consumption of sweet, flour products, as well as foods with a high glycemic index.

Lose weight gradually

The goal of low-calorie diets is to reduce fat reserves, while maintaining physical performance at the same high level. The rapid loss of body weight (fat) negatively affects the general condition of the body, it is ideal to lose weight. Adjust the weight of 1 kg in 1-2 weeks (for this buy an electronic balance, if you do not have it yet, and weigh yourself in the same way time, while remember about fluctuations in body weight after the toilet and on an empty stomach).

Smoothly cut calorie supply

A sharp decrease in the consumption of calories can lead to serious health problems, as well as a decrease in the level of physical performance. Therefore, to reduce the caloric content of your healthy nutrition should be smooth and gradual. It must also be remembered that the body weight can be at the same level. With a decrease in body fat, and vice versa, a significant reduction in body weight can occur with a constant amount of fat in the body.

Reduce the intensity of training

The traditional approach to fat burning with proper nutrition is based on the gradual reduction of carbohydrates (especially fast ones) from the healthy nutrition, that is, sweet bread, buns, potatoes, and so on. But remember, a low amount of carbohydrates in the body will inevitably lead to a decrease in efficiency, so as carbohydrates will be small in the body, and they will accumulate in a minimal amount in the muscles, in the form of glycogen. 

In this case, we strongly recommend that you reduce the intensity of your workout in the gym. But again, everything is individual, if you cut carbohydrates, and you feel good, trainings are vigorous, fat burning is active, then in this case, you should not change anything in your back muscles at home training.

Choose healthy foods

When choosing food, stick to products with low fat, and at the same time, with high levels of vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates (complex), also see that the product does not contain such common harmful preservatives (food additives such as E621 glutamate sodium, E211 sodium benzoate, they reduce the body’s immune system).


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nutrition for weight loss
Losing weight with proper nutrition is pretty easy


Do not make sharp jumps in the diet

When the desired weight is achieved, corrected, the final weight, then you should keep your diet at the same level. Do not abruptly change it, go back to the initial consumption of calories, try to gradually switch to your normal menu, of course, with the result achieved (this rule is suitable only for athletes who perform in such sports where very much can depend on the weight athlete, and his “drying out” of the muscles.In all other cases, a person who simply corrects his body weight, it is necessary to adhere constantly, throughout his life, a healthy, balanced healthy nutrition, so that henceforth ie to gain extra kilos.

It should be understood that there are two principal approaches to reducing your weight: the first is for athletes who use low-carb diets, high in protein, and the second is a balanced diet for people who just want to lose weight to look and feel better.

If you are not a performing athlete, fitness or bodybuilding, then always stick to the second approach, where the correct, balanced diet, by the number of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, always stands first in place. Well, all the rest of the athletes, we want patience, and dry muscle mass, and never forget that the sports healthy nutrition is temporary, and quite strong stress for the body, after which, when the athlete comes to his usual diet, “sated” excess weight, not miscarriage will return again.


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