Dwayne Johnson wife, daughter and net worth – how does a superstar live?

dwayne johnson wife

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Dwayne Johnson is a popular actor who is known all over the world, he regularly appears in various large-scale films, where most often he plays the main roles. The directors are attracted not only by the excellent acting figures of the men, but also by his appearance, thanks to her and his sports career, he received the title Rock. In 2018, Dwayne Johnson’s civil wife presented him with a second daughter, so today the actor’s family is more than one little man.


Duane Johnson’s biography begins in 1972, everyone in his family has been wrestling from generation to generation, and both men and women were directly involved in this activity, and he was no exception. It is thanks to sports, Duane Johnson, and gained such an excellent physique, of course, which he supports and now with regular workouts.

After 2000, Duane first tries himself as a writer, writing an autobiography, and then begins to act in films. Initially, his roles are not significant, but over time, the directors, having discerned his talent, began to increasingly invite to the main roles. Films with Duane Johnson wife are always collected by many viewers, he is loved by both women and men.

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Personal Life

The personal relationship of the man Rocks is very interested in his fans, but Duane Johnson himself doesn’t try to hide them much. Despite such a large number of fans and fans of the actor in his life there are not many women. For a long time the actor was familiar and was friends with Dani Garcia, after a few years of relationship they decided to create a marriage. In marriage, Dwayne Johnson and his wife had a daughter. In the photo Dwayne Johnson with his wife and daughter.

But after fourteen years of family life, the couple decided to divorce, they did not explain the reason for their divorce. But after the divorce, Dany continued to be a producer for Dwayne, and he also maintained good relations with both his ex-wife and his daughter. Johnson helps them with cash and tries to see his daughter more often. The actor admitted that the divorce had taught him a lot and he became better, despite the break with his wife, Johnson still wants to give himself completely to another person and is waiting for the same in return.

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The second wife, albeit a civil one, appeared in the life of Dwayne Johnson in the same year when he divorced his first wife. Lauren is Armenian by nationality, is a popular singer, representing various genres. She has been with the actor for over ten years. In the photo Duane Johnson and his wife Lauren Hachian.

Despite the fact that their marriage is not registered, the family has children: two daughters Jasmine and Tiana. The actor himself says that for a happy marriage it is not necessary to officially register it, you only need to define everything correctly for yourself. Spouses are very happy and they value every minute spent together. Johnson’s wife says that she has known him for a long time, but they have warm relations with each other over many years.

dwayne johnson daughter

In 2017, Loren Hashian became pregnant with her second child. Luckily, Dwayne simply had no limits, he said that both his wife and he were very much waiting for this little miracle, and even their daughter Jasmine was very happy, she very much wants her little sister to be looked after. It is also known that all such spouses decided to sign, but because of the pregnancy of the wife, the marriage had to be postponed.

In the spring of 2018, Tiana was born in the family. Johnson can not get enough of the baby, he does not want to move away from her a single step and is constantly trying to help his wife. In social networks, Dwayne Johnson dead lays out various cute photos of his family, from which all fans are simply crazy and call him the best father and husband. But in the breaks between the family and the work, the actor still manages to give such a place to training, without which he no longer imagines himself, as he is without his beautiful girls.

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dwayne johnson net worth

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