The three best options exercise “Plank”

exercise plank

A “plank” is a static exercise in which several muscle groups are simultaneously involved at the same time. Therefore, despite the short duration of its implementation, it is very effective and useful. You can do the “Planck” just 2 minutes a day to observe the changes that will begin to occur with the body.

What is useful exercise

Static exercises are different in that you do not need to move to perform them – you just need to hold the body in a certain position. And it is very difficult. Therefore, deep muscles are activated, which begin to work at the limit of possibilities. Plank is working on the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen and back.


plank exercise


The greatest pressure exposed to the muscles of the press: straight, lateral and oblique. Exercise strengthens the spine. The result of regular classes – a flat stomach, beautiful posture, taut buttocks and hips. Plank is also a good prevention of osteoporosis, which is more susceptible to sedentary people.

Varieties “Planks”

There are more than two dozen variants of the exercise. But there are only three basic ones: this is the strap:

  • straight;
  • in the forearm;
  • climber.

To get the benefit of doing Plank, you need to know how to do it correctly. Therefore, below is a description for each of the exercise options.


This type of exercise is familiar to most people exercising. Such a “Plank” is performed in a pose characteristic of push-ups on the hands. The correct technique involves keeping the body in the following position:

  • Hands are straight, perpendicular to the floor.
  • The palms on the floor are looking forward.
  • Feet together.
  • Socks run into the floor.
  • Legs, back and neck with a head line up a straight line.

The total exercise time per day should be 2 minutes. There is no need to try to make the Plank in one approach: it is better to do 4-5 times for 20-30 seconds correctly than 1 time for 2 minutes, breaking the technique.


plank exercise benefits


In the forearm

This option is ideal for beginners, as it reduces the load on the hands. He should give preference to complete people in order not to injure the elbow joint. The position of the body, which must be maintained during the execution of this “Plank”:

  • Arms bent at right angles.
  • Palms on the floor or closed in the castle.
  • The elbows rest on the floor.
  • The line from the head to the heels should be straight.

The recommended exercise time per day is the same – 2 minutes.

Tip! Doing the exercise is easier if you pull in the stomach. It will also help to stress the press.


plank (exercise)



This type of exercise is more difficult. It combines not only static, but also dynamic load. Its main advantage is a thorough study of the press, an effective fight against a sagging belly. The technique is as follows:

  • Take the position of the body, characteristic of the straight “Plank”.
  • While holding the pose, bend the leg at the knee and touch the right elbow with it, fixing this position for 2-4 seconds.
  • Change legs.
  • Alternate points 2 and 3 to failure.
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