Use and action of anabolic steroids

Use and action of anabolic steroids

The harm of anabolic steroids to your health from their use is that sensational topic that I consider obligatory to consideration and discussion. In fact, the excitement around this is very much exaggerated.

More often than not, those people who are so fiercely begin to give unfriendly comments to successful bodybuilders say they are chemists, they have problems with impotence, they can not do anything, and in general they are weak and bad people in order to lower their status in society. The side effects of anabolic steroids are exaggerated, but they are present. 




What are the most real side effects of anabolic steroids?

First and foremost, the most unpleasant thing is gynecomastia. This is when you have an aromatization of the male sex hormone, i.e. analogue of testosterone.

In turn, anabolic steroids – this is to some extent all the analogues of male sex hormones. There is a transformation of this sex hormone into a female sex hormone.


anabolic steroids
Anabolic steroids – this is to some extent all the analogues of male sex hormones


Female sex hormones begin to have a detrimental effect on the male body. They begin to stimulate the deposition of fat by the female type. These hormones begin to stimulate the same genicomastia, when female sex hormones bind to the breast receptor and it begins to swell, thicken, in particular the nipples, and the breast begins to look unaesthetic. And accordingly, a person either has to take measures to eliminate all this on the course, and this means using such drugs as tamoxifen, for example.

If the situation is started, then you have to do the operation. The operation is simple enough, which is done elementary and does not affect the training mode. There is nothing critical in this. Gynecomastia is aesthetic side effects of taking anabolic steroids.

The consequences of taking anabolic steroids, about which most people scream, especially those who do not know anything about this matter and the farther a person is from bodybuilding and from steroids, the more he says about it. What are you talking about, you ask? All of us have heard loud statements about problems with an erection in the swings. It’s about impotence. However, no matter how we do not all laugh about this case, the risk, of course, is present.

There are some drugs, and to be precise, it is only nandrolone, in particular, nandralone decanoate, which reduce nerve conduction and can lead to impotence. In this case, there should be a genetic predisposition, a large dosage of nandralone, as, for example, more than 300 mg per day, then there may be lethargy. Such a thing professionals call the deck, deca-dick – this is a very unpleasant thing. This is typical for a single drug.

All other drugs, especially testosterone, are not that they do not lower the libido, they increase it. Because your system produces testosterone many times more than a straight. In this case, you are a hero on the course, and after the course a hormonal hole is formed, because on the course you had a high concentration of sex hormones and against a background of such a greater concentration the body ceases to produce its own. This is especially true if the course was long, for example, 2-3 months.

After you get off the drugs, it turns out that you still do not have one, because you have not recovered and there is no artificial one, since you got off the drugs. As a result, you get a hormonal hole. The problem is a bit contrived, but it is present.

The following side effects of anabolic steroids are pimples on the skin. 

Acne on the skin is a minor effect, because it is purely a genetic feature, besides often age-related. Only a few have acne, with the age it passes, and then if a person eats fat on the course and is in the sun, even then it happens on a very small scale. And even at the most ambitious moments, these are purely aesthetic side effects and they are temporary, i.e. man tears off the course and everything is stabilized.

Another consequence of taking anabolic steroids is certainly an important side effect – it is an effect on the heart. Side effects on the heart – this is what most people die from. At the same time, it must be stressed once again that any sport maims, and physical culture heals. But there is no direct dependence.

If a person fattened himself up to 120 kilograms and never ran and at his resting state beats 120-150 beats per minute, then what about steroids? He can not die from the fact that he took anabolic steroids, but because he simply has an untrained heart.


anabolic steroids side effects
Anabolic steroid use


However, one must understand that steroids increase the probability, because they help to gain this weight that your heart needs to overexert daily. And on the other hand, they also help to gain weight to the muscles, and the heart is a muscle. This means that we can accelerate bad hypertrophy, if we do not appreciate our heart and do not train correctly.

That’s basically the main side effects of anabolic steroids, which can be expected from you.

And now about the most important, the most significant consequence of taking anabolic steroids. What is it?

The thing is that after the course of taking anabolic steroids you lose weight. You always lose weight after slazite from the anabolic course. Why is this the most important consequence of using anabolic steroids? Because all your risks on the cost side of health and finance lose all meaning.

It is clear that the risks that allow you to get something, for example, you got some title, got a contract for shooting in advertising or for a magazine, or just got money. At the same time, what’s the point of risking you if you do not get anything. Did you want to rock the muscular body ? You have inflated your body and with the same success it’s all from you and merged.

Of course, there are ways how to keep the muscles after the course. However, this is not a way to remove losses after a set of muscle mass in principle, but only a way to minimize loss of muscle mass after a course. At the same time you lose always. Always your body strive for a natural, natural level. This means that there is a maximum level that you have achieved naturally and anything above this maximum can only be maintained chemically.

In general, everything would be nothing in terms such as reception and action of anabolic steroids, but there are two unpleasant nuances.

First of all, he puffed up, was blown away. With all this there is a risk of health. Then what is the point in taking anabolic steroids, if you do not have a constant profit, and the big risks remain.

Secondly, you have lost the natural reference points. If a bodybuilder trains naturally, he can plan from the point of view of macro-periodization the constancy of his progress, when his natural body is in permanent form. Such athletes do not slip from an incredible plus to a shocking minus. And chemists and it happens that the bodybuilder has dispersed his anabolism to unrealistic limits, and naturally, the standard schemes of training for straight people for him no longer work.

This is because he has anabolism 10 times faster, because he has a synthesis faster, because he needs a lot of work in training to create. Otherwise, there will be little sense in taking anabolic steroids, and the effect will be less. And after such a bodybuilder jumps off course, he begins an anabolic hole and his anabolism is worse than a straight.


what are anabolic steroids
Anabolic steroids


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At the same time he adds slowly, but this also has a plus, because the bodybuilder can plan his progress for a long time. For a chemist, it’s harder to plan, because due to positive and negative peaks, to make a training program, you need to constantly consider that this training program is too easy for him, then too heavy.

If a bodybuilder wants to constantly look natural without crazy swings and more or less the same, then the harm of anabolic steroids will be obvious to him.

If the bodybuilder has not learned to train properly, he will never learn how to correctly use anabolic steroids, because all the starting points get knocked off. In this case, if a person has already learned to train and reached a natural peak, then he also connected the reception of anabolic steroids and their action allowed him to break through the ceiling, in which case the athlete could, like maneuver with the help of steroids.

Conclusion on the reception and action of anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are the biggest costly hazard in terms of harm to health. And in terms of the fact that after using anabolic steroids, the body constantly returns to a natural, natural maximum. And, accordingly, when this happens, the bodybuilder constantly gets knocked down the reference points and he, roughly speaking, can not train without chemistry.

This means, when the chemist slices off course, he sits and waits for the next course. Not because he has a psychological dependence, he will not have any progress. In order for the chemist to make progress again, he must wait about six months to stabilize his entire hormonal background, to reorganize and, roughly speaking, to start all over again to train. Most of this does not happen.

In order to maintain this social image of the steep, healthy pitching, which people turn around, he must constantly sit down on the next course.

Another thing, for example, bodybuilder Jay Cutler, for whom bodybuilding is a business and whose contract is several million dollars a year. And taking anabolic steroids and their effect on him is like a well thought-out, measured and, moreover, proven, long-justified loan for an established business. Because the profit is huge, and the cost part is the same as that of the same fool from your neighbor’s hall, who risks his health in the big way, taking anabolics, so that everyone turns to him, but they do not get anything from that, while ka Cutler gets millions of dollars.


use of steroids
How to correctly use anabolic steroids


Therefore, there are these two opposite points of view.

Why all these many letters of my article? Take into account your benefits, when deciding to use anabolic steroids or not. If this benefit is not available, and you are just doing it for yourself, then think carefully, and why?! Because the risks of taking anabolic steroids are always present, and their effects and opportunities in terms of achieving results, in terms of achieving profits are very vague.

If you are so selfish, then again, why !? Buy yourself a rolex and attention to you, for example, if you want from girls, will be no less than if you have a biceps of 50 cm. And if at the same time you have a beautiful, natural, aesthetic male physique, then your status and significance will soar much higher than when you’ll just be a dumbbell sportsman.

I did not want to offend or pressure anyone, I just wanted you to evaluate the making of your decisions in terms of your own profit. That’s why I ask you to ask yourself the question “why !?” Excellent! After you answer this question yourself, I will be glad to see your answers in the comments under this article and discuss with you this sensational topic!

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